Campus Student Worker - Library

Atlanta, GA

Student Qualifications:

·         Federal Work Study eligible

·         Must be a full-time student (9 credit hours when applicable)

·         Able to perform Key Job Elements

·         Must be in and stay in good academic standing for the duration of employment (CGPA at or above 2.5)

·         Must be in and stay in good conduct standing.

·         Good interpersonal communication skills and ease in relating to people from varying educational, cultural, and social backgrounds.

·         Excellent level of responsibility, reliability, and punctuality.

·         Professional and appropriate behavior at all times. Ability to work well with other tutors, faculty, staff, and students.

Basic Job Description and Duties:

·         Staff the circulation desk and check materials in/out to faculty, students, and staff.

·         Assist students, faculty and staff in searching for materials using Voyager and in locating materials on the shelves.

·         Reshelve all discharged materials (books, DVDs) left on cart behind front desk.

·         Browse shelves to ensure materials are properly shelved in LC Call Number order.

·         Check magazine shelves to ensure magazines are in proper order.

·         Maintain order and cleanliness of the Library by picking up litter, pushing chairs up, and checking computer lab to log-off computers.

·         Check the printer/copier to reload paper as needed.

·         Assist patrons in making photocopies and handling any problems.

·         Assist Librarian in processing new acquisitions (e.g. labeling, barcoding, etc.).

·         Clean computer screens, keyboards once a week

·         Closing preparation requires you to logoff computers collect books and straighten chairs and tables, pick up litter.

·         Enforce all Library policies.

·         Perform other special duties and projects as assigned by the Librarian

Library Assistant Rules:

·         Report to work as scheduled, ON TIME. If you will be late or unable to make it in, you must contact the Librarian at least 24 hrs in advance to allow time to locate another worker to fill your shift. Contact the Librarian by cell or text immediately. If you need to take some future time off, it is your responsibility to contact the Librarian and seek out another worker to cover your shift.

·         Adhere to your job description. By completing all work assignments described you are fulfilling the job responsibilities.

·         Maintain the security of all library users, patron records in Voyager, and Library physical space. This includes keeping an eye on the main floor, computer lab, door and fire alarms. You are prohibited from compromising the security of patrons or the security system by divulging information to anyone.

·         Maintain order and cleanliness of the Library. As detailed in your job description, follow the rules. No food or drinks are

·         permitted inside the Library by patrons (drinks must have a lid). As workers, you may eat at the desk in a discreet manner and tidy up immediately after you eat.

·         Uphold the mission and customer service policies of the Library. By providing friendly, prompt and non-critical customer service to patrons you are serving professionally.

·         Your language is expected to be professional at all times while on duty. No loud voices, swearing or obscenities will be tolerated.

·         Cell phones, PDS PDAs? , and iPods are to be used discreetly while on duty. Any cell calls are to be taken to the hallway. REMEMBER:

·         Your Library work comes first, and then you may do your homework.

·         Conversation at the front desk must be kept to a minimum and conducted quietly. Brief, under 5 minute conversations are permitted, but you must conduct conversation quietly.

·         Maintaining the integrity and smooth operation of the Library is extremely critical.

·         As the Ai Atlanta Library is a major provider of student services related to program support, research and instructional purposes, it is critical that we provide the best possible service. Failure to uphold these policies may result in transfer to another department or job termination.


Performance Reviews: Students will be evaluated on a quarterly basis by the hiring manager. Managers should maintain all records for performance reviews and submit them to the students file as necessary.

JOB CODE: 1000100